Sramkova is in the second round, Mihalikova lost

On Tuesday, the first round of the singles of the clay tournament ITF EMPIRE Slovak Open with one hundred thousand dollars prize money has finally started at the full speed. During the seven Tuesday's matches of the singles, a Slovak player has made an amazing surprise. 18-year-old Rebecca Sramkova beat the Russian Evgeniya Rodina, the 90th player of the world, in two sets 6-4, 6-3. On the contrary, only 16-year-old Mihalikova lost to the Croatian Petra Martic 4-6, 4-6 on the centre court.

The result of Sramkova is also so precious because she won four matches in a row including qualifying. "I have not expected that. I am very happy that I beat her. I hope it will be even better in the next round. At the beginning of the second set I have lost my speed. She had to undergo the medical treatment when the result was 1-2, this helped me a lot. I had a break to breathe," Sramkova told about her performance.  She would like to get as far as possible in Trnava. She still needs one hundred points to get into singles qualifying to the prestigious Wimbledon. „I have a month to score these points.“ she added. For the title at the tournament in Trnava, winner can earn 140 points. A finalist earns 85 points, a semifinalist earns 50 points. Sramkova is going to play in the second round against the winner of the match Peer – Allert.

Mihalikova had never been so nervous before

Only 16-year-old Mihalikova, who won the junior Australian Open, has learnt a lesson in the first round of one hundred thousands dollars tournament. But she did not play poorly. The experiences of Petra Martic, the former No. 42 player, proved to be useful. „It was great to have people who support you and but I'm so sorry I did not manage to win. I was limited by the stage fright more intense than anything I have ever had. You have to learn from your own mistakes. I hope that next year I will be able to win the first round," says the young talented player who has just discovered the difference between the ITF circuit players and Martic, an experienced WTA events player.

„She had better service. I managed to catch the balls only during the second set, and it is pretty sad. Such players can stand the chance each time the juniors make any stupid mistake. At the end, I lost due to my own childish mistakes,“ Mihalikova added.

Photos by: 
Frantisek Uhrovic, Ivan Kopcani